Technical properties


WELLCORE is a constantly developing engineering company. Our range of goods includes both assembly-line production and single piece production for all mechanical engineering areas.

We offer complex services in CNC metalworking, welding and forming including surface finish. At the same time weprovide constructional and technological documentation.

The goal of our company is to provide the customers with products in such shape and quality, that they do not have to perform any further technological amendments on the parts or sets. Furthermore, we constantly improve the quality and precision of our products, we shorten the delivery time and we are very flexible when responding to customers’ requirements. We are trying to achieve our goals by means of modern technologies, by perfection of production procedure and by realizing the potential of our experienced employees.


Wellcore company was founded on August 8, 2008 as a result of division of Protech Ltd. History of Protech Ltd can be traced back to 1992, when it was founded as a public company to provide a cooperative production. The company was established by combining founders’ financial meanswithout the foreign capital. Technologically speaking, the company focused on sheets and sections forming, welding and surface finish.

In 2000 the public company was transformed to limited company and the area of CNC metalworking was launched. To this date we employ 35 employers.

Creation ofWellcorecompany was designed by Protech founder’s sons. Their goal was to increase productivity and to minimize costs in terms of meeting increasingmarket requirements. Integration of production automation is the most important feature to reach this goal.